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The ranking of wine for export varies a lot, at least if we are paying attention to those under the fifth position since new producer countries are constantly growing. Also, talking about wine exports we should mention that it is not necessarily who export more quantity who more money earn. For example, wine exports by volume of Chilean wines to the United States are greater than the Argentine wines, though the latter generate more profits. The export of wine from Argentina to the world has doubled in just five years.

As expected, main wine producers in the world are also the first countries exporting wines. According to the OIV (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin) in 2009 the largest wine producer in the world was Italy. Then, following France and Spain. These three aggregate half of global production and wine the podium in the list of exporters of wine, but with the proviso that France exports more (in terms of money, not quantity) that Italy, with US 7.691 millions to US 4,834 millions. This lack of correlation between volume and profit mark that still retain the status of French wines.

The main export destination for wine is the United Kingdom, importing in 2009 more than US 4,200 million. United States, the fourth largest wine producer is the second largest importer. Followed by Germany and Belgium. The latter is not in the list of top ten producers and obviously not in the major countries in terms of wine exports. The ratings usually don’t count wine accessories or wine equipment, of course, only bottles of wine produced.

The numbers for 2010 compared to wine export are not yet official, but the change we can see for example comparing to 2009 is that Argentina was ranked ninth in the wine export ranking and rose to eighth place, keeping in fifth with respect to production. Wine tasting in Buenos Aires is also becoming popular nowadays.

The figures in 2010 compared to wine exports are not yet final, but a change that occurred for example with respect to 2009 is that Argentina was ranked ninth in the exporting of wine and rose to eighth place, keeping in fifth position as a producer.


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